20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (2023)

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Think you're a bastard? Then these short quotes are perfect for your self-encouragement!

after reading both"You are a bastard"j"You are a rude guy to earn money"Jens Bücher Honestly, I was so inspired to be the best version of myself and pursue my dreams without apologies.

As a big advocate of usingmotivational quotesAs a source for a much-needed kick in the pants, I decided to create a collection of cool slogans to live by and share with you.

In today's world we see more and moreextraordinary womenthat kill you both in business and in your personal life. To be more like her and share her success mindset, here are 20 great short quotes to choose as your new motto!

1. Be an original in a world full of copies.

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I don't know who said it, but it makes you really special.

Every famous person we look up to at some point in their life decided to do things differently and not play by the same rules as everyone else. Every day there is another tough girl who mentally rises above the crowd and changes her life path from comfortable mediocrity to an amazing dream destination.

Don't try to copy someone else's success. Be yourself because there is no one else like you!

2. Tough times never last, but tough people do. - Dr. Robert Schuller

Life has ups and downs, that's natural. If we never experienced the bad, we couldn't appreciate the good! But, as zebras show us, a white stripe always follows a black one.

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When you find yourself in a desperate situation, you always have a choice:

  1. Accept that life is shit and stay on the black line without moving further.
  2. Go back to the previous white streak (aka your comfort zone) and see yourself as a failure. Decide that the stripe near the tail is the only spot you deserve.
  3. Or be persistent and take that extra step in the right direction (closer to the head) and move on to the next white streak, which is much better!

That's why it's a perfect short quote for badass attitude. You know there's only one right choice: be tough and persevere until you get exactly where you want to be!

You deserve the best and you can achieve anything you want. Make up your mind if it's something you really want, there will be a way to do it! to hold ongrowth thinking, work on yourSelf-esteem, and jump over the black stripes, even though they look too wide from your position.

Another goal is closer than you think. Follow him!

3. The question is not who will let me, but who will stop me. - Ayn Rand

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You don't need anyone's permission to be great and do what really matters to you!

Who doesn't support you doesn't matter. Don't listen to anyone who isn't living the life of their dreams! People who really love you will support you no matter what, even if you have seemingly crazy ideas.

When you know in your heart that something is good for you, don't let anything stop you from achieving it!

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4. It doesn't matter how slow you drive, as long as you don't stop. – Confucius

I'm sure you didn't expect to see a Confucian saying on the cool short quotes list. But here it is! Apparently, he was a tough guy back then too...

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You only fail when you stop trying. The only successful people on our planet are those who never give up. No matter what happens and what stops you from achieving happiness and abundance, keep going. Never lose hope. If you go far enough in the right direction, you will inevitably reach your goal!

As you grow and see progress, no matter how small, you change things for the better. It may not look like it, but look back for a minute. Were you like this a year ago? Can you see the difference in your achievements, personal development and ways of thinking?

Now look a year into the future. Where will you be if you continue? If you don't stop, give up and keep going anyway, maybe something spectacular is waiting for you around the corner!

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Continues. Every step counts.

5. The people crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. -Steve Jobs

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What stops us from being great and achieving everything we want? Often scared.

But do you think the famous badass is never afraid?But on the contrary!The higher you fly, the harder you can fall. Let's take a look at the most common fears:

  • Afraid to fail
  • fear of success
  • fear of the unknown
  • fear of court
  • fear of change
  • Fear of not being good enough

And these are just the most typical ones!

Everyone experiences each of these fears at some point, that's human. But whether you give in to them or stick to your goals, it will still determine your future.

These freaks who really change the world, they're not superhuman without feelings, you know, they feel like you, sometimes even more. But sheboost your confidenceand do it anyway.

The trick is not to let all those fears influence your decisions! Yes, life can be scary and unpredictable, but strive to do your best every day and focus on the version of your world that will exist if you achieve all of your goals!

6. The dream that doesn't scare you is not a big dream.

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Do you allow yourself big dreams?

Or are you content with what you think is possible under your circumstances?

If you told someone your biggest dream, would they be absolutely amazed by you? What if you really made it?

Do you really think you can do this or do you just let it go?Your big impossible dream?

Can you imagine fulfilling that dream sometime in the future? To try! I love visualization as it is a really powerful technique forself motivationand maintain a positive attitude.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself living this big dream. Where are you? As you can see? what you see around you Who's with you? How are you feeling?

If you are experiencing resistance, you may have some unconscious negative beliefs that are holding you back from being successful. Immerse yourself in that sense of resistance, try to figure out what those blocks are and replace them with positive statements.

Let yourself dream big! So turn your dream into a goal and draw up a plan to achieve it!

7. I am strong. I am self-confident. I'm unstoppable

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (7)

This is more of a statement than a quote, but this is how a tough woman would see herself!

Make it your mantra and believe in it wholeheartedly. Don't let anything or anyone convince you otherwise!

To usepowerful wordsdescribes herself as a strong woman, also because of her self-image.

If you are struggling to believe in yourself, here are some positive affirmations to help you:

  • 80 positive affirmations for self-confidence and self-esteem
  • 40 positive affirmations to banish self-doubt forever
  • 40 positive affirmations for inner beauty, peace and strength

8. Act like a lady, think like a boss.

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (8)

You know how some downright rude women manage to stay feminine andfriendly in public?

They are not afraid to speak up for themselves, but they do so without losing control or being abusive.

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This stunning short quote accurately captures the essence of a truly strong and badass woman. She thinks like a boss when it comes to making important decisions in her life, but she always behaves like a lady: elegant and in good taste.

9. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. - Friedrich Nietzsche

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (9)

You don't have to be a German philosopher to see your own growth. But it's good to have cool quotes like this to remind us every now and then.

Everything that happens to us happens for a reason and I believe nothing is given to us that we cannot handle. If you think you can't do this, you're probably wrong. Just keep going.

Time heals all and each setback adds to our personality. Whatever it is, something good can still come out of it, even if it's not obviously connected. If you are reading this, it means you are alive andIt gets better.

also okto ask for helpwhen you feel like you can't do it alone.

10. You can't write very well without me.

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (10)

I LOVE this quote and you?

That's what a tough woman with healthy self-esteem would say!

There's nothing wrong with being brave or knowing your worth. They are the brave and daring people we know as the most extraordinary achievers.

Say now:I am incredible!

If that's not asmilein your face you don't really say that.

To help himremove this doubt, TerI'm beautifuljself loveAffirmations in my collection. Use them regularly until you know how awesome you are.

Remember, you don't have to prove you're great, that's how you were born!

11. Progress, not perfection.

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (11)

Being a perfectionist myself, I know howstriving for perfectionit can slow you down.

  • It prevents you from moving forward unless everything is right.
  • wake you upinner criticFinding fault with your work, no matter how well you've done it.
  • You spend a lot of time learning all the details before you start, while others learn the basics and do it, gaining hands-on experience in the process.
  • You see the world in black and white. Either you do it all or nothing. Either you achieve incredible success or you lose a lot.
  • When something doesn't go according to plan, you reach a point where you don't want to go any further.

By shifting your focus to progressing instead of becoming perfect, you get rid of all self-imposed mental limitations. Finally, you can continually approach your goals and grow steadily without it being a roller coaster.

It also allows you to celebrate small wins and enjoy the process more.

Strive for progress not perfection!

12. Either I find a way or I make one. -Philip Sidney

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (12)

If something seems impossible, it's because you haven't found the way yet. This short but sharp quote perfectly describes a badass mentality!go your own wayif there aren't any that match your vision yet!

When the Wright brothers built a machine that would blow people up, everyone thought they were crazy. Now people who can afford it cantake a trip to space!

Not so long ago, houses were still lit by candles and there was no electricity. The amount of technology we use in everyday life today that we take for granted is phenomenal!

If all these inventors kept themnegative mindsetand thought it impossible that the world was not what it is now.

Don't ask yourself if you could do it. I wonder how you can do this!

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13. The best revenge is massive success. -Frank Sinatra

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (13)

Many people are driven by the power of inner rebellion.

Did you know that Walt Disney was fired early because he "lacked imagination and good ideas"? That seems ridiculous to us now, but imagine how devastated he must have been. But did that stop you? No way! It won 22 Oscars and inspired the lives of generations of children around the world. I can just imagine this boss kicking himself when he realized how wrong he was!

When someone tells you that you can't do whatever you want or be whoever you want, it's natural to want to prove them wrong. Unfortunately, many people believe those who say this, so they begin to doubt themselves and often put their dreams on the back burner.

Don't let anyone define your worth! Whether it's a tough boss, an aggressive teacher, a classmate who felt "better than you" or even your parents, you don't have to believe them. So what if that person is more experienced? Nobody but you really knows what you're capable of. Go ahead and prove them wrong.

They told me I couldn't, so I did.

If this kind of motivation works for you and kicks your ass in moments of doubt, make it your motto and show it to everyone! And keep that special badass date close for a while.regular breathing!

14. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. - Chinese proverb

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (14)

Your mental attitude plays an important role in defining your quality of life.

There are generally two types of people. Those who have apositive perception of the world, and those with a negative.

Someone from the first group may seem lucky to others - he succeeds in any project, is always happy and attracts incredible opportunities. A person in the second group is always complaining, blaming the world and others, focusing on negativity and finding it everywhere.

The problem is that life or fate has nothing to do with it. It is an entirely personal choice to think positively and fight for the light or constantly drown in negativity and darkness.

Are you a bee that always finds flowers or a fly that is often covered in feces?

15. Don't count the days, let the days count. -Muhammad Ali

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (15)

Do you consider yourself a lucky person? Or is something always missing?

As destructive as it can be to focus on past mistakes, living your life in mere existence while waiting for something big to happen isn't much better.

yes, befocused on your goalsIt's important when we want to achieve something, but we often forget to enjoy the process! If you think you need this and that to be happy, try again!

Why would you want to be miserable all the time before reaching a certain goal?

Plus, you'll likely set up another one when you get there. This is the process of personal growth and development that can last a lifetime, but that doesn't mean you can't feel great in the meantime!

Live each day to the fullest, enjoy the little things, learnbe more present, and make every day count!

16. Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs. - Farrah Gray

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (16)

This is the thought that drives all the entrepreneurs of our time.

If you sit back and don't follow your dreams, chances are you're working for someone who follows their dreams. I learned this lesson from Tim Ferris and his4 hour work week, and it inspired me to take the plunge and quit my office job a year later.

Whatever is holding you back from realizing your vision of the perfect life for you, don't let it happen anymore! Find your own way to overcome all obstacles and never stop believing in yourself!

Be a badass and as this quote says, create your own dreams, never let anything stop you again!

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17. Life is a daring adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (17)

We only have one life on earth and we owe it to ourselves to make the best of it!

Sometimes it means taking risks or making difficult decisions. Sometimes you have to leave something or someone behind to make room for the best things. It often takes a huge leap of faith to turn things around andjump into the unknown, but it's worth not ending!

If you are afraid to live and stay hidden in your shell, then you are wasting your precious life. Years go by, nothing changes, just the box of regrets hidden in your head gets bigger and bigger.

If you died tomorrow, would you be proud of the way you lived your life? Or would you regret not doing the things you always wanted to do? Anyway, there is still time to change everything for the better and enjoy every day that passes on this beautiful planet.

I challenge you to live your best life!

18. I recovered. "Maya Angelou

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (18)

Being tough doesn't mean doing everything yourself. Most successful people have a team of supporters and partners, and together they build amazing things.

But it does mean that you don't necessarily need someone else to confide in. You are enough the way you are and you can achieve anything you want by yourself, teamwork only makes you more efficient. When you have like-minded people who understand you and whose skills complement your own, you can create wonderful projects.

But as a jump, if you don't have anyone on your side, it'll be fine too. No, actually you will be extraordinary! You don't need someone else to tell you who you are and how much you're worth. You already know this deep down. You have your own back!

Maya Angelou inspires so many strong women around the world, and her short, blunt lines like this one always hit the spot!

19. Champions keep playing until they hit. –Billie Jean King

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (19)

Virtually every big hit was built on a series of flops.

Joanne Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before anyone agreed to publish Harry Potter. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her reporter position because she was "unfit for television news". Michael Jordan said he missedover 9,000 recordingsin your professional career.

If you read the biography of the person you admire, I bet there were a mistake or two involved in the process.

Fell seven times. get up eight.

old japanese proverb

What separates successful people from the mediocrity crowd? You keep trying. They don't take no for an answer. They pick themselves up after they fall and don't let that stop them from being great.

Be the champion! Be rude.

20. If you can't beat her, you better do it. -Ben Hogan

20 short badass quotes | Cool slogans to follow • Totally positive (20)

This short quote is about golf in the beginning, but it can be applied to almost anything in life.

Throughout your life, you may meet people who are better than you at something. Instead of beating yourself up for not being good enough, you can use this to improve: learn from them, turn it into a friendship, or even start a partnership if you have something else to contribute.

But when it comes to competition, you can still find a way to beat them, just not in the traditionally expected way. You may have to make a contributioncreative thinking, work harder, find a smart way to use your strengths, and do something different. You may have to go the extra mile or take an unexpected turn to win.

Remember there is always a way to get past them, you just have to find it!

Final thoughts on dating short and rude for a living

These were 20 of my favorite badass quotes and one liner to use as a life motto!

Did any of them talk to you? What would you choose as your motto? Do you know of any other great quotes that deserve to be on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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