Madden NFL 23 ranks Arkansas' 22 former football players (2023)

EA Sports has been slowly revealing everything over the past weekupdated player ratingsBecause of his wildly popular Madden video game and several former Arkansas football players scattered throughout the launch.

Best of Arkansas Sports gathered all the Razorbacks who turned pro into one roster and ranked them based on their overall rating (higher is better) on Madden NFL 23.

There are a few surprises on the list, but the top pair is what you'd expect. It's also worth noting that Trey Flowers and 40-year-old Jason Peters -- two of Arkansas' top NFL players in recent years -- were not included because they're currently free agents and haven't been vetted.

1.Frank Ragno, Detroit Lions - 87

Even after a season was cut short by a toe injury that required surgery, Frank Ragno's Madden rating dropped just one point and remains the highest among former Razorbacks in the NFL. It's hard to argue against that. When healthy, Raguenot is arguably even better than the fifth-ranked center in the league. He was named to the All-Pro Second Team in 2020, and in the four weeks since his injury, his 86.7 Pro Football rating ranks second among centers.

Of course, Raguenot is better as long as the former first-round pick is on the floor. He recently started a group called "Rags Remembers" in honor of his late father, Jon "Rags" Ragnow, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack in 2016 while Ragnow was in Arkansas. The foundation's purpose is to "help provide support for children" and families grieving the loss of a loved one by exposing them to nature.according to detroit newsHe also helped raise more than $50,000 Thursday at the Lions' inaugural "Dinner with Pride" event.

2. Hunter Henry, New England Patriots - 84

The only Arkansas football player to crack the top 10 is Hunter Henry, who ranks ninth, even though his rating has dropped three points since last summer. According to Madden, his best attributes are his catcher rating and toughness rating, which are 93 in each. In his first season with the Patriots, Henry caught 50 passes for 603 yards and a career-high nine touchdowns, developing into rookie quarterback Mac Jones' favorite target. He's been especially good in the red zone, scoring 90.2 points in Pro Football Focus -- the best mark of any tight end in the NFL.

3. Kamren Curl, Washington Commanders - 79

Former seventh-round pick Kamren Curl, who debuted as a rookie in 2020, landed on the PFF All-Rookie Team last season and became a full-time starter. He collected 99 tackles and broke 5 passes in his second year in the NFL, lookingPrepare to become a household nameIn 2022, Curl's overall rating is up three points and continues to rise from the 63 he scored initially as a rookie. According to Madden, his best attributes are Stamina (rated 91) and acceleration (rated 90).

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t-4. Dre Greenlaw, San Francisco 49ers - 78

After a stellar first two seasons in the NFL, Dre Greenlaw missed most of last year with a groin injury when he was intercepted for a touchdown in Week 1. He returned late in the season and made the playoffs, but was injured. Once again for the NFC Championship game. When healthy, Greenlaw has proven to be a very capable linebacker in the NFL. According to Madden, his best attribute is acceleration (87), and despite missing most of the season, his overall rating remains at 78.

t-4. Deatrich Wise Jr., New England Patriots - 78

Deatrich Wise Jr. had 88 steals and blocks. In his five years in the NFL, he was a good situational pass rusher for the Patriots. He finished the season with 41 tackles, including three sacks, and improved his Madden rating by two points. Like Ragnow, Wise is making an impact off the field by backing Bridge 2 Trade, a program run by the Boys & Girls Club of Boston that exposes young people to alternative career paths in construction and other industries during six-week courses.

6.Trellen Burks, Tennessee Titans - 73

Treylon Burks was part of a loaded 16-man rookie class with a debut Madden rating of 70 or better. While some Titans fans worry about his health and asthma, Burks has all the makings of a great NFL player, including the acceleration to score 91 points from Madden and the speed and quickness to score 89 points.

7. Armon Watts, Minnesota Vikings - 70

The last former Arkansas football player to score over 70 in Madden was Armon Watts, who scored exactly 70, three points higher than last year. After starting just one game in his first two years in the league, Watts saw his role expand last year with five sacks and 46 tackles in nine starts. According to Madden, his best attributes are his strength and toughness, both rated 85.

8. McTelvin Agim, Denver Broncos - 67

While playing just seven games last year, McTelvin Agim had 1.5 sacks -- the first in his young career -- and three quarterback hits. He has played just 231 career defensive snaps over the past two years and has shown himself to be a reliable pass rusher when he struggles with the run.

t-9。jerry jacobs, Detroit Lions - 66

No former Arkansas football player's Madden rating has jumped more from a year ago than Jerry Jacobs, an undrafted free agent who became a rookie NFL starter with an eight-spot improvement. Unfortunately, his season was cut short by an ACL injury, but before that he started nine games and blocked seven passes and 34 tackles in 13 total games.

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t-9. Jeremiah Ledbetter, Jacksonville Jaguars - 66

Jeremiah Ledbetter will attempt to return to the NFL field in Jacksonville this season after spending all of last season on the Cardinals and Jaguars practice squad. He played in 20 games from 2017-2020, most of them (16) as a rookie with the Lions.

t-9. John Ridgeway, Dallas Cowboys - 66

John Ridgeway, who started his career at FCS Illinois State, moved to Arkansas last season and quickly established himself as a starter after appendicitis surgery sidelined him in his first game. It took him just one season with the Razorbacks to become a draft pick, as the Cowboys took him to the fifth round of this year's NFL draft.

t-9. Jeremy Sprinkle, Dallas Cowboys - 66

Better known in the NFL as tight end, Jeremy Sprinkle caught just three passes for 31 yards in his first season with the Cowboys. While the stats aren't huge, he played in all 17 games, started four times and racked up 184 offensive snaps, while also being instrumental on special teams. Sprinkle spent his first four NFL seasons in Washington.

13. Jonathan Marshall, New York Jets 65

Jonathan Marshall played in four games as a rookie for the Jets and finished with two tackles while posting 76 defensive snaps. He's a sixth-rounder from Arkansas.

t-14. Montalrick Brown, Jacksonville Jaguars - 64

Montarik Brown is a four-star safety from Ashdown who eventually moved to Arkansas at cornerback. His best season was leading the team with five interceptions as a fifth grader. That helped land him a seventh-round pick in this year's NFL draft.

t-14. Cody Hollister, Tennessee Titans - 64

Cody Hollister, now in his fourth season at Tennessee, has seven career catches for 58 yards. Most of his five-year NFL career was spent on the practice squad.

Jerry Jacobs says he '1,000%' (apparently) regrets blunt decision to drop Arkansas football

t-14. Jonathan Williams, Washington Commander - 64

Jonathan Williams has played for seven different NFL teams since being selected in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He last joined the Giants as a practice squad leader and even scored a touchdown in Week 14 last year.

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t-14. Mike Woods, Cleveland Browns - 64

Mike Woods completed 83 passes for 1,248 yards and 10 touchdowns in three seasons with the Razorbacks before making a surprise move into the transfer window. He finished his career at Oklahoma State, where he had 35 catches for 400 yards and two scores before being drafted in the sixth round.

t-18. Hjalte Froholdt, Cleveland Browns - 62

Hjalte Froholdt was originally drafted by the Patriots in 2019 and joined the Browns last season, appearing in six games. However, all of his minutes came on special teams.

t-18. Randy Ramsey, Green Bay Packers - 62

Randy Ramsey signed with the Packers as an undrafted free agent in 2019 after failing to get consistent playing time at Arkansas. He spent a year on the practice squad before making the 53-man roster in 2020, primarily as a special-teams ace. He missed all of last season with a serious ankle injury.

20. Feleipe Franken, Atlanta Falcons -- 59

He's still on the roster at quarterback, but Feleipe Franks has added some tight-teams and special-teams duties to Atlanta's game. this is what is expected of himContinuing in a mixed roleI 2022.

21. Brandon Allen, Cincinnati Bengals - 54

NFL backup Brandon Allen actually started a game last season in place of Joe Barrow. For the second time in his career, he was part of an organization that lost the Super Bowl.

22. Dan Skipper, Detroit Lions -- 53

Even though he played in just 10 career games and played just 13 offensive snaps and 53 special teams snaps, Dan Skipper is still in the NFL for the Lions. He played in just one game last year, and all of his reps came from special teams.


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